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BnB Oct 20 – 26 2008
20k from GMA, wanna bet?

President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, currently the subject of an impeachment complaint, despite allegations of massive corruption by the opposition and the civil society is known for her generosity towards any of our compatriot who shines in their field of excellence.

We see front page photos, banner stories in print and broadcast media of our head of state presenting gifts of the Republic on many occasions to Manny Pacman Pacquiao and many other Filipinos who has brought honor and glory to the Philippines. I remember seeing many other athletes who shone in Asian tilts receiving hundreds of thousands if not a million from the President.

If I am not mistaken, Pacman got a million pesos each after vanquishing Barrera twice, Morales thrice and Marquez and lately, Diaz.

Willy Wang produced the only gold in the Beijing 2008 Wushu Tournament and got a million peso reward from the Philippine government.

Not one took a jab on the President. Some even says a million is not enough for bringing out into the world the best in the Filipinos.

Truly deserving the cash rewards. Their victories not only heighten the Filipino spirit but has produced heroes our country direly needs under the circumstances.

But how do we understand the case of 12 year-old Catherine “Kat” Loria who won as Junior Vocalist and Grand Champion of World Championship of Performing Arts 2008 (WCOPA)?

The poor young talented girl from Tiaong Quezon brought immeasurable honor to this country when she bested the best talents from over 40 countries worldwide.

Being at the competition in Los Angeles, California itself was a rare feat for Kat. Where it not for Quezon Gov Raffy Nantes who shared out of his pocket, crisp bills amounting to 100,000 pesos for airfare and pocket money, she would not be able to compete.

The municipal government of Tiaong did not pork out a single cent but managed to put up a 2ft x 4ft tarp streamer infront of the town hall building. Nothing more.

When Kat went home tucking the trophy in hand, no one from the officialdom; local or national bothered to welcome her. As if the WCOPA grand champion title has no value at all whereas high officials who robs (spelled love ) this country are showered with garlands at the airport and holds press con at the initiative of the NAIA executives.

At the invitation of the President for some sort of reception, ala Pacman, Kat went to see GMA in mid-August at Malacanan on a borrowed van.

Noel and Evelyn, the grand champs’ parent who escorted Kat to the Palace was shocked to see in the program for the night that it was PGMA who financed Kat’s trip to Los Angeles. For obvious reason, President Gloria did not share even a penny and it was only Nantes who provided fare and pocket money to the young girl.

The mother has to stress to a Palace employee that there is no basis for the Malacanan claim as printed in the program in fairness to the man who they fear may be around then and slighted by the false statement. It’s good, the Palace got their point.

Then, at the end of the program, Carlos Osorio, who co-managed Kat handed out to Noel 20,000 pesos. The amount according to Osorio is the reward given by President Arroyo to the World Champion Kat.

Being a newcomer in the entertainment industry and one who has to borrow money just to go to Malacanan, 20,000 bucks is good money enough. Noel even asked Osorio to take his share but refused saying they’re taken cared of already.

Did President Arroyo gave only 20,000 via Osorio’s hand?

I am sort of wondering whether the President really handed out only 20k to Kat because that is not the Gloria I know when it comes to recognizing excellent talents by any Filipino in whatever field of endeavor.

I wouldn’t be wrong that most Filipinos common belief is that PGMA usually rewards outstanding performers; be it in boxing or not with a million pesos. Not 20k o something less than 1-M for sure.

To me, first, the President gave more than that and perhaps a million pesos for Kat. Why only 20k reached her is a question only the Palace can answer and confirm whether nothing more than that was shared by the President. Second, Kat deserve more than what Osorio handed her that night.

Press Secretary Jess Dureza, known for his uprightness, would know perhaps the real score on the cash rewards and we would appreciate hearing from the good secretary
whether Kat, the World Champ was shortchanged or not. 20K cash reward from GMA, wanna bet?


This month of October, The Weekly Marinduque (TWM) turns 1 year old.

TWM has since its first issue a year ago was able to fulfill the commitment of coming out with fair, truthful and relevant newspaper for all. Being the only regular weekly newspaper of Marinduquenos, it has withstood the test of time both in terms of content and financial integrity.

Some publications attempted to breakthrough but vainly made to come out regularly and most Marinduquenos including those in government and the private sector appreciate what the publisher and editors, contributors and staffers had to go through to keep goin with heads up.

Marinduquenos are really nice people and we are grateful for their valuable support. Without them, TWM may probably be out of circulation already.

Correctly, no genuine publication would earn the trust of readers if it is partial to an individual or vested groups interest, whether politically or economically.

The reason why we don’t seriously consider prominent individuals, politicians and officials’ offer or promises of these and that, in support of our endeavor to keep the people informed and educated on the real score obtaining in and out of the island province.

We are fully aware at TWM from the very start that politicians PROMISE/S are generally NOTHING but HOT AIR. It is like a check issued but returned by the bank due to non-availability of funds.

Newspaper publishing is probably the most difficult enterprise in the world. More demanding than hospital care and services. It knows no holidays, good or bed weather and illness are no reason by which to justify absence in circulation at any given week for that matter.

Hospitals can refuse patients and direct them to other medical centers. Publications cant do that or asked somebody else to do it for us. Issues have to be out regularly hook or crook.

Some individuals thought it is peanuts to run a paper. Perhaps on the first and second issues and that has been the case for most who tried it out.

On this opportune time, we would like to thank our readers, advertisers, editors, contributors, columnists and staffers and all of you guys out there for your valuable and immeasurable support which smoothened the rocky road and lightened the pain of venturing into publications.

A year of The Weekly Marinduque, ang pahayagan ng Marinduqueno is glorious enough. Surely, we’ll keep the bar up for you, our boss, you dear readers.

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