Saturday, November 22, 2008


Japan technology transfers for Quezon farmers
Michelle C. Zoleta

Lucena City--The Philippine-Japan Friendship Association Incorporation (PJFAI), a nonprofit organization transferred Japan technology for agricultural farming to improve the farmer’s duties in harvesting period in Quezon and Laguna.

Kazushi Katagiri, President of PJFAI, said that they are going to donate for Quezon province four units of combined harvested machine manufactured by KUBOTA CO. in Niigata Japan .

The said combined harvested machine is a motor operated that can directly harvest and prepare tons of Palay consuming much lesser time. It can control only by two persons, the operator and the assistant.

The said machine can run up to 263 hours and specifically can operate in one hectare in just 40 minutes.

Katagiri also cited that they are going to educate Filipinos in using the machine were in Japanese experts will come to Philippines and personally assist the farmers.

The PJFAI through its coordination with Congressman Procy Alcala of 2nd District, inspired by the solon advocacy to boost the organic farming which also applied in the country of Japan , this agricultural technology will bring great help for farmers in Quezon.

Alcala prioritized to produced 2, 000 varieties of rice includes the rare variety of black rice called “Eningkantong Bigas “ and avoid another rise crisis which happened in the Philippines lately.

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